Presenting the Contibronzers! Tânia Gonçalves…

Tânia has built up over 17 years’ professional experience in several companies and in a range of industries but always within the financial field. She has now been over 5 years in the metals sector with Contibronzes, joining at a time of enormous growth and change for the company. 

At a challenging time she brought a wealth of experience in financial analysis and management that formed the base for the strategic decisions that drove Contibronzes successfully manage this growth and become the market leading organisation it is today.

She believes it is essential to the success of any company to have a clearly established working culture that promotes respect and cooperation. Fundamental to Contibronzes and Tânia’s work ethic are 6 principles: honesty, confidentiality, competence, prudence, humility and impartiality.

Tânia has a wide range of cultural interests such as reading, music and films but she also enjoys sports with a lifetime passion for dance – where her counting skills surely help her keep the rhythm, 1,2,3,1,2,3…!!!

Tânia, thank you for your co-operation in helping us reach our goals together!