Always been committed to quality

We bought our first emissions spectrometer in 1980 and all our experience, technology and processes are certified by TÜV Rheinland in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Contibronzes is committed to offering products and services that exceed international standards and the expectations and requirements of our clients at a competitive price. We strive each day to implement processes of continuous improvement in all aspects of our company.

We Invest in Our Facilities

Year after year we make significant investments in our installations, equipment and research & development in order to lead technological advancements so that we always have a product that is equal to the latest market demands.

We Invest in our People

Our team is made up of engineers and highly qualified professionals, who have years of experience and also of young people with correct professional training to ensure best practice and procedures in the production of guaranteed quality bronzes, qualified technical assistance and foster excellence in commercial service.

We Invest in the Future

We have an ongoing commitment to ensure safety, fulfilling security procedures of the machines, job descriptions in the workplace in all stages of the production and movement of products and naturally with personnel, supplying all types of equipment required to achieve a greater security and comfort. We are equipped with the most modern extraction and dust removal equipment both in the interior and in exterior emissions. We comply with all the existing legislation applied to our industrial activity, endeavouring always to be environmentally friendly.