Continuous Cast Bronze

Check the list with standard sizes in bars, plates, bushings and squares and request our list of stock available for immediate delivery.

Continuous Cast Bronze

Contibronzes has been manufacturing continuous cast bronze alloys of the highest quality in the market for 50 years. We offer tin bronze and special alloys and carry a large range of the most common market references in stock.

In order to offer a complete range of products for different sectors and applications our production processes include two vertical continuous casting machines and one horizontal continuous casting machine, all of which are high capacity.

We have a highly qualified technical team to advise our clients in selecting the ideal product and to advise on alloys to meet client requirements.

Our large production capacity allows us to now manufacture more than 3.000t per year. We offer special alloys in different sizes and shapes.

Our products are available in solid and hollow bars and bushings with various widths, diameters and lengths. We also offer bars with different geometric shapes such as hexagons, octagons, half moons as well as profiles in L, H etc.

We have ISO 9001:2008 certification to guarantee the quality of all our products.