We offer a complete line of tin, lead and special alloy bronzes that adhere to the existing international standards. View all their technical characteristics.


For 50 years Contibronzes has been a specialist in the manufacture of continuous cast bronze alloys from different metals. We have developed our continuous casting manufacturing processes to produce a superior quality, uniform mechanical characteristics and homogenous structures en every alloy.

Our alloys are available in bars, plates, bushings and a wide range of shapes and formats.

Tin Bronzes

Tin bronzes are typically used in applications which demand materials with a high resistance to heavy loads at low speeds. They are strong, hard and have excellent casting and machining properties at a very reasonable cost.

Lead Bronzes

Our lead bronzes have a very good resistance to rust and wear. They offer a long life and good machinability.

Special Bronzes

We offer aluminium bronzes, high resistance brass and other special alloys. Our engineers can also design and manufacture bronze alloys using the characteristics required by our clients.