Presenting the Contibronzers! Susana Pires…

Meet the Contibronzers!
We’d like you to meet some of the people who work here at Contibronzes. These are the people with the work ethics and values that make Contibronzes who we are. The people with a passion to ensure the highest quality and service for our all customers, day after day. 


Susana Pires has been an integral part of Contibronzes’ quality department since she joined the company over 16 years ago. Starting out as our Quality Manager she has assumed responsibilities for safety and the environment and has risen to the role of Quality Director. 

Susana has always been dedicated to improvement, both for the company and for our workers. She believes in transparency, respect and good communication with the team using positive stimuli with the aim of personal and interpersonal development for all. She tells us that “With the collaboration and cooperation of all, we will go further”. 

Her dedication and commitment have led to developing tools and strategies that have optimized company activities, contributing to the evolution and continuous growth of Contibronzes. And she’s certainly experienced growth! Susana has helped ensure sales and production growth of over 700% during her time with us! Various factors have contributed to this, including internationalisation and large investment in technological and IT development

Outside of work Susana has a wide range of interests including travelling, discovering new cultures, mindfulness, walking in nature, cake design, scrapbooking and crafts.

Thank you for your dedication, Susana!