50 years is not enough…

09/06/2016 , , , ,

Contibronzes Logo 50 years

This year we are celebrating 50 years in the market at Contibronzes. We want to thank all of the people and companies that have collaborated with us throughout these years and continue that trust in us in 2016.
During these 50 years we have always chosen the culture of continuous improvement in our systems, installations, products, and above all, in our people. En 2016 we can see the fruits of these efforts with important improvements in our production capacity, stock, service and quality of product. All of this has given us the means to export to the European and Worldwide markets and to continue with important increases in sales.
Our anniversary is the perfect opportunity to look at our past, analyse our present but above all, to plan and invest in our future. And this year we are doubling efforts to improve in all aspects of our business.
We have carried out an important investment in our workforce and today have 40% more employees than just 12 months ago.
We have increased our production capacity by more than 40%, we have introduced a night shift…
We have invested in modernising and increasing our quality control equipment.
We have improved our dispatch systems to obtain speedier delivery times to our clients.
We have brought in machines and material that allow us to increase our melting capacity.
These are but a few of the huge changes that we are carrying out this year in Contibronzes and, although we don’t always talk about them, we know that our clients notice them in the increased availability of stock, the response speed we offer them and in the quality of the product that is delivered.
50 years in the market is an achievement for any business. But it’s not enough for Contibronzes. We are confident that with the investments we make each year, we are creating a solid base from which to offer a better service and product to our clients today, and in the future…